Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mormonism: List of LDS Temples in the World that are Built, Announced, and Under Construction

In Mormonism, there are many temples that are built around the world.  Temples allow members to participate in baptisms for the dead, receive endowments, and to do temple work for others.  This post is a list of the number of temples in many countries throughout the world that are built, under construction, and announced.

Africa - There are three temples built.
One in Nigeria
One in Ghana
One in Johannesburg, South Africa. 
There are two temples that were announced.  One in Durban South Africa, and one in the Republic of Congo.

Asia - There are seven temples built.
Two in the Philippines
Two in Japan
One in Hong Kong
One in South Korea
One in Taiwan
There is one temple in construction, which is in Japan, and one that was announced in the Philippines. 

Europe - There are eleven temples built.
One in Ukraine
Two in England
Two in Germany
One in the Netherlands
One in Switzerland
One in Spain
One in Sweden
One in Finland
One in Denmark
There is one temple under construction in Italy, and two that were announced.  One in Portugal and one in France.

Ocean Islands and Australia - There are ten temples built.
Five in Australia
One in Fiji
One in Samoa
One in New Zealand
One in Tonga
One in Tahiti
There are no temples announced nor in construction.

South America - There are 15 temples built.
Six in Brazil
One in Venezuela
One in Columbia
One in Peru
One in Ecuador
One in Bolivia
One in Paraguay
One in Uruguay
One in Chile
One in Argentina
There are three temples that are under construction One in Brazil, one in Peru, and one in Argentina.  There are three temples that were announced. One in Peru, one in Chile, and one in Columbia

North America (Not including U.S.A) - There are 26 temples built.
Eight in Canada
Two in Guatemala
One in the Caribbean
One in Panama
One in Costa Rica
One in El Salvador
Twelve in Mexico
There are two temples under construction, one in Mexico, and one in Honduras.  There is only one temple announced, which is in Canada.

North America (U.S.A) - There are 68 temples built.
One in Alabama
One in Alaska
Three in Arizona
Seven in California
One in Colorado
One in Florida
One in Georgia
Two in Hawaii
Four in Idaho
Two in Illinois
One in Kentucky
One in Louisiana
One in Maryland
One in Massachusetts
One in Minnesota
Two in Missouri
One in Montana
One in Nebraska
Two in Nevada
One in New Mexico
Two in New York
One in North Carolina
One in North Dakota
One in Ohio
One in Oklahoma
Two in Oregon
One in South Carolina
Two in Tennessee
Four in Texas
Fourteen in Utah
Three in Washington
There are seven temples under construction.  Two in Arizona, one in Florida, one in Indiana, one in Pennsylvania, and two in Utah. There are five temples that were announced.  One in Arizona, one in Colorado, one in Connecticut, one in Idaho, and one in Wyoming.

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