Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mormonism and Marriage

In Mormonism, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes that marriage is only between a man and a woman, unchanged since the fall of Adam. They encourage members to marry in the temple, and to be faithful to each other. Sadly, in this day and age, the principle of marriage is being twisted and trampled by many people today. Elder F. Burton Howard talked about marriage in this day and age and he said, "Far too many marriages today end in divorce. Selfishness, sin, and personal convenience often prevail over covenants and commitment." In this day and age, many people, including in the media, say that cheating on your wife is an OK thing to do, and that everybody does it. They don't say however, the consequences of doing that. First of all, it is against the Ten Commandments, (thou shalt not commit adultery) second of all, it can deeply hurt, or even completely destroy your marriage with your wife. I have read many stories about husbands leaving their wives and children because they found another woman, and vice versa with wives leaving their husbands. I have read the emotional and physical pain it brings to the families when one of the spouses leaves them for someone else. The husband's job is to provide for the family (that is to work) and the wife's job is to look after the family (take care of the children) and when one of them leaves, the other has to do both jobs. Far too many times in this day and age, are when both the husband and the wife leave home for work and take the children to day care or something like that. (this does not include families that suffer from poverty, when both husband and wife must work to support the family. This is more directed towards families living in good homes, with a good income as is, and both spouses work out of the house and leave the children to be looked after by someone else) Because both spouses are gone, the children don't get the love and care they are suppose to have, and this actually increases the chances of them ending up in gangs, or doing drugs, dropping out of high school, etc. They don't have parents to keep them in line, or to help them knowing right and wrong, and to help them grow.
For those who have a healthy marriage, continue to keep it healthy, and continue to love your spouse, and your children. For those who have trouble with marriage, try to make it right. Fast and pray, and let the Holy Ghost guide you.

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