Friday, February 8, 2013

Keeping Thoughts Clean

(This article was inspired by a talk given by Boyd K. Packer)

In this day and age, many people find it really difficult to keep their thoughts clean.  Our thoughts are like water, the seek the path of least resistance, which could be in the lowest levels.  One of the most difficult challenges that man will have to face is to keep their thoughts clean.   If we don't keep our thoughts clean, and let our thoughts roam in our minds, it could affect our actions and speech.  There is a way to keep your thoughts clean, and to focus on more uplifting things.  That is to listen to clean music.
Music has one of the most powerful influences on our brain.  It causes our feet to tap to the beat, sometimes without us realizing it, it can influence our emotions, and it can even give us energy.   We must be careful though in the music that we listen to.  If we listen to music with lots of cursing and swearing, it can cause us to curse and swear as well.  In fact, there was a story about a young adult who loved listening to a heavy metal song that talks about someone shoplifting and getting away with it.  A few months down the road, he was arrested for... guess what... shoplifting.   To add to that, he was listening to the song while he was shoplifting.
So remember this, avoid music that disrupts or drives away the spirit, and when you feel like an unclean thought comes to your head, sing in your mind or even hum a favorite hymn.

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