Sunday, February 24, 2013


(Inspired by and included experiences by Boyd K. Packer)

There is one part of prayer, the answer part, that perhaps by comparison we neglect.  There are some things about answers to prayer that you can learn when you are very young, and they will be a great protection to you.

Many years ago John Burroughs, a naturalist, one summer evening was walking through a crowded park. Above the sounds of city life he heard the song of a bird. He stopped and listened! Those with him had not heard it. He looked around. No one else had noticed it. It bothered him that everyone should miss something so beautiful. He took a coin from his pocket and flipped it into the air. It struck the pavement with a ring, no louder than the song of the bird. Everyone turned; they could hear that! It is difficult to separate from all the sounds of city traffic the song of a bird. But you can hear it. You can hear it plainly if you train yourself to listen for it.

Prayer is like a homemade radio; you are trying to communicate with someone over a long distance, and the time and energy you put into making that radio, and the skill and experience tuning it determines the quality and amount of dialog you get back.  It takes time, practice, and patience to tune out the "interference" to hear the still small voice when wanting an answer.   

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